March | Five of Wands

Thursday, 26 April 2018

So sorry this is so late but I guess the stars wait for no man:

(definitions are taken from The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook by Kim Krans)

Five of Wands_____________________________________________________________________________________

scattered, lack of focus, lost

| | | | |

The five of wands is a card of conflict. You may ind yourself scattered, distracted, tending to everything and nothing. Since wands deal with our dreams and goals, it usually means this conflict resides within. Your energy moves outward in many directions, yet you are suffering inside. Take this card as a warning: find ways to bring calm and focus to your mind, or these troubles will only increase. 


I know March feels pretty faraway now, but I can still remember how I felt and it was very, very similar to the situations described in the card. I spent most of March umming and aarring about a lot of situations. The main one was whether or not to save up all summer for moving further away and remain living at home, or move to my local city for the summer and live locally for a few more months. I can remember Em and I having 3 hour phone calls contemplating the positives and the negatives to moving. So yeah I would say there was a lot of conflict in my lil brain. I used music to calm me and keep me focused and that really helped and I had many, many gigs; cementing the fact that I want to persue this as a career for a while anyway. So that was a pretty grounding end to the month. I'm now living in my own flat and I'm so glad I sorted out the conflict and my scattered thoughts. because now I'm happier than ever. Now onto April in my beautiful new flat with my two favourite people and hopefully some sunshine! Goodbye scattered brain, at least I kind of know what I'm doing now. 

How was your March?

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