April | Mother of Pentacles

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

(definitions are taken from The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook by Kim Krans)

Domestic, Loving, Patient 

The Mother of Pentacles excels in the home. She knows exactly what to do while raising a family and tending to the tasks of daily life. There's a potential for her identity to become wrapped entirely around her children and home, which leaves her needy and attached. This is the cause of most of her turmoil. She often has qualities of a healer and is very connected to nature. 


Well, I got a flat didn't I?! So this month has been pretty domestic. I also received some very sad news this month and I've been taking a lot of time on my own, processing it. Family is incredibly important to me and I found out especially this month that blood relation means nothing and you can find family in anyone. For the most part of the month I've just been settling in and getting used to my new surroundings, I didn't leave the house for the first week and my friends did have to drag me, kicking and screaming to the shops! I found myself thinking I was in an air bnb and therefore productivity and motivation went straight out of the window but that's only normal, it's definitely getting better now though, hense why I'm writing and making videos again. It just feels so, so nice to have my place and my own space and now I'm fully settled in, I'm so excited for what May and spring has to bring rhymes. Once again the cards we're right. We're four months in and they've been pretty close so far spooky. This experiment is so interesting and I'm so pleased it's going well.

How was your April?

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