Treasure Hunt | May

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Well here we are, another month, another treasure hunt. Although May was my Birthday month, I did try and refrain from treating myself, I have things to save up for. Although a few things did slip into my hands when I was out and about, what can you do? Here are the things I've collected in May:

Lidl Hortus Citris Gin _____________________________________________________________

Just Lidl gin in general man. I'm an adult and I can have gin in my favourites okay? I've been enjoying a nice lil' gin and lemonade or two or three sitting on my balcony on a Friday Monday night. I never used to like gin, but then I realised that the problem wasn't the gin, it was the tonic, tonic is hell in a glass, it is bitter and twisted and tastes like unhappy step mothers. Lemonade on the other hand, is fruity and fizzy and tastes like sunshine. Although my favourite flavour from the Hortus range is the rhubarb and ginger one; I do really like the taste of this citrus one and it goes so well with the sunshine juice, on a sunshiny day, on our sunshiny balcony. 

Binky the Cactus __________________________________________________________________

Working in a garden centre is dangerous okay. Plants get reduced for no reason no reason and then they end up being rescued, by me, plant mum. This is the newest member of our plant family and I called him Binky because his label said Binku-something and I thought it suited him. I like how nobbly he is and he came in a big ol' pot. He sits happily on my desk now, next to Clause, do I have a problem?

Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant | Lavender & Vanilla _______________________________

I've been using Dr Organic deodorant for a while now. But it's pretty hard to get hold of and hella' expensive for how much you get. So when I was in my local health shop and saw this brand, I decided to give it a go, there were so many flavours to try and I settled for lavender and vanilla because I found it to be the most unusual. I really like this deodorant, it's a strange way of applying it; just a spray bottle to the armpits feels weird. But it allows you to kind of use as a perfume as well and spray it anywhere you bloody like, I've also used it as an air freshener. The best thing about this product however is how long it lasts. Literally I'll go to work and lift heavy things all day in the sun and I'll still smell fab and it's obviously vegan and aluminium free! I'll definitely be trying more flavours, I already have my eye on the melon and cucumber one next.. fresh. 

Bleach London | Swamp Spritz_______________________________________________________

My hair's been doing a weird thing recently. I think it's finally realised that there's a lot less of it now. It might be to do with the heat styling every day, or the haircut I receive from Emily once a month, but it's gone very straight on top. Still as curly and wavy underneath, but the top layer of my hair has become dead straight and so difficult to style. It's very strange because I have always been a naturally curly gal. Charlotte told me to get into sea salt spray so I visited Superdrug and found this lil' bottle. I actually picked it up because it was the cheapest and I liked the bottle, but I've recently found that a lot of people are calling it the best sea salt spray they've used. You only need a tiny bit and I've learned that  spraying a little on your hand and scrunching it into the hair gives a much more subtle result because this stuff is crazy. It gives sooo much volume to the hair and also, curls the hair with a little help from some heat styling. I love the texture it gives to my hair and it's very easy to brush out at the end of the day. It doesn't make it frizzy, it just keeps the curls in and that's exactly what I wanted. Honestly though, you only need a tiny bit, the first time I used this I looked like Magenta from The Rocky Horror Show unless that's a look you're going for than if so.. go wild. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser _________________________________________

I finally joined the bandwagon. I had this weird vision about being in my own house and having some Liz Earle on the side of the sink in my lovely clean bathroom and now I can live this vision everyday and that's cool, am I an adult? Does owning some Liz Earle make me an adult? It's soooo good though, worth all the hype. It takes off all your makeup with just one application and it smells heavenly, leaving your skin so soft. The only problem I'm having with it is that it's opening my pores a hell of a lot and making them really visible, which is rather annoying when I'm trying to wear less makeup during summer. To be honest I don't know if it's beaten the Milky Jelly Cleanser but it's still a fab product and such a close second. 

Re-Usable Cotton Pads _____________________________________________________________

I've been trying to be mindful about my effect on the environment for around 3 years now and I think I've got most of it cracked. But one of the things remaining was my use of cotton pads, I didn't think there was any alternative seems as I needed them for my cleanser. But then I watched this video and Lena mentioned buying some re-usable cotton pads from a wonderful seller on Ebay. I checked out the seller and decided to buy a pack of ten. Now I know I probably could have made these myself, but I like to support small businesses and such. These are so cute and such an amazing idea, I don't know why I didn't think about getting some sooner, they're so soft and much more hygienic than disposable cotton pads or a flannel because you use them once and then put them in the wash. These have honestly changed my life and I'd urge you all to ditch those disposable cotton pads and save the environment one sewn-kitsch-cute-patterned flannel patch at a time. 

Honorable Mentions _______________________________________________________________

-Lush spa session -I was lucky enough to receive the best gift from my best friends and amazing      flatmates; a Lush spa session called The Sound Bath and I am so excited! I can                                      go to any Lush with a spa in the country at anytime and receive this amazing                                        treatment and I'm sure I'll write all about it once I know what the hell it is, the                                       booklet doesn't give a lot away! 

- HUJI - The app that everyone and their mother is going on about and flooding your insta feed, but it's so good and has given me a theme, it also fits really well with the real film photos I                        upload to Instagram, so I'm not complaining, who doesn't love a lens flare?  


What treasures did you find in May?


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