PM Routine

Sunday, 14 May 2017

So on Friday I shared my mundane and cynical morning routine. It's only a given that I would be sharing my evening routine too, everything comes in twos. I've finally found my peak time for going to sleep and it's quite surprising because I only get about 5/6 hours sleep, but if I have more I feel tired all day and if I have less well, zombie alert! This is the perfect in-between and it allows me to be productive in the evening and have time to wind down as well, win win.

21:00 - After eating tea and washing the dishes, my housemate and I tend to watch an episode or two of a TV series. At the moment we are watching Girl Boss and enjoying it thoroughly. This is when I will also read some blogposts and maybe research things for travelling and make un-realistic plans for the summer.

22:00 - Head upstairs after cleaning my teeth and maybe a shower or bath and play a little bit of keyboard or guitar. Quietly I might add, I'm not a monster. Or maybe if it's a little later I will draw or paint.

22:15 - Pop on Youtube and watch something like a long vlog. I'm currently watching Hazel's Time of the Month Series from the beginning and may I add if you're a few months into a break up, it's honestly the best thing to watch. Her thoughts and honesty on her situation are so wise and inspirational and then you get to watch her heal and grow afterwards and it just makes you feel things y'know? If I'm not in the mood for Youtube I will turn to my record player and maybe play something quite mellow. I've been listening to Banks a lot lately and this record means everything to me, it's perfect evening music as well.

22:30 - Tie my hair up and begin my cleansing routine. I still cleanse my face with the 9to5 cleanser from Lush and the Aroma water also from Lush. But I now use a toner after removing my makeup because I am an adult now and need to keep my red face at bay. I'm currently using the Pixi Glow Tonic and it is a lifesaver, I love it and I'll probably use it for a long, long time now. I have just invested in the big bottle and that makes me very happy. It smells of freshly cut grass and moss but not in a weird way and it's just really refreshing and makes my skin so smooth. I will then apply some moisturiser if I'm feeling extra luxurious, Celestial from Lush has been another staple for a long time.

23:00 - This is when I decide whether my hair needs another tame before bed. If it does I will quickly put it into sections and run a straightener over it on a very light heat. It might seem that I straighten my hair a lot but because of I use such a light heat and heat protector it's fine and it doesn't knock all the curl out, just enough to make it droppy' (there's that word again) and wavy. I will then plait my hair in pigtails or one long ponytail depending on how I feel.

23:20 - Apply some hand cream and E45. This is a very important step at the moment because my hands have been extra dry and itchy and my skin has been extra itchy. I don't know if it's hayfever based or if it's because I've come off my pill; because that is a common thing that can happen. But I'm not enjoying it one bit.

23:30 - Get into bed and watch some more Youtube, probably something new on my subscription feed and something that needs to be concentrated on.

00:00 - Stop with the Youtube and shut down my laptop. Begin my meditation routine, I'm currently using the Smiling Mind meditation app, in my opinion it's the best one because of the diversity of the exercises and the sexy voiced Australian man.

00:20 - Read. I'm currently reading Doing It by Hannah Whitton one of my all time favourite Youtubers (I'm sorry this is very Youtube heavy, promise not spon) it's a book all about sex and seems as I'm a newly single gal' my boo Emily thought it would be a very useful gift and after reading it for a day I am already thoroughly enjoying it.

00:30/01:00 - Lights out, bed time. I try and get to sleep at 1 but it sometimes ends up being later. I don't have the greatest relationship with sleep as we all know and there's no point in lying in bed wide awake when you could be doing other things. If I'm having a particularly bad night I will pop on my Rain Rain app and maybe write something in my diary, if we're lucky maybe a song. It's how I role these days.

I hope you enjoyed my long winded evening routine, I fit quite a lot in in the evenings. Even though I do get up earlier I am still definitely a night owl. 



  1. It's always so interesting to read other peoples routines, especially as I am still trying to find my routine since moving last October. I don't think I could do 5-6hrs only though but I love the idea of carving out some time to do something creative in the evening.

    S x
    Paper & Lilacs

    1. Yeah it's always good to have a routine to feel more settled. And yeah I don't need a lot of sleep I've always been like that and yeah it's a great way of spending some time alone doing the things you love the most.